Specialized programs and curriculum 

Our program promotes the love of learning through exploration for children who are 0-12 years old. Teachers are responsible for posting weekly activities and outlining curriculum objectives.

All program plans align with the following categories:  Language and Numeracy Skills, Imaginary Play, Science, Art and Sensory, Fine and Gross Motor


Our Montessori programming is a series of activities that require sequential, manipulative and sensorial development and practice.  Ultimately, these exercises bridge the gap between concrete and abstract learning broken down into 5 main areas: Practical Life * Sensorial * Language * Math * Cultural

French Curriculum

We provide a learning environment that is comfortable and invites children to take advantage of their full potential to embrace a second language. Children enrolled in our programs are introduced to French daily through play, and teacher initiated activities. The Founders and Directors in our centre have personal experiences with their own children learning multiple languages, and feel it is a gift that a parent can give to their child to better prepare them for success in education and future employment. Children of all language backgrounds are welcome!

The French program emphasizes vocabulary to ensure its comprehension from preschool and progresses on with the children according to their capability.  The French program explores:  Words, games, numbers, stories, songs and drama.


Computer technology plays a major role in our learning environment. Children are taught to navigate modern education tools such as tablets to learn and demonstrate their knowledge of new concepts.

Physical Education

The Day Nursery Act requires children to be outside for up to 2 one-hour periods each day, weather permitting. During that time teachers encourage children to engage in teacher-lead activities or free-play that promote the development of motor and social skills as well as body awareness. We also invite instructors to engage students in yoga and sports activities indoors, throughout the year.