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15 Ashby Field Rd. Brampton, Ont. L6X 0R3 Units 1-4
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Welcome to the Mount Pleasant Montessori. We have offered childcare services within Brampton since 1999 within home-based settings, and are proud to open our first official centre within your neighborhood.

We are committed to providing quality childcare in a safe, supportive and educational environment. We believe that our success is dependent upon exceeding the guidelines set by the Ontario Ministry of Education and Childcare and Early Years Act, 2014. We adhere to the policies outlined within this parent handbook daily.

Our goal is to provide your child a clean, comfortable and safe environment to play and learn at her/his own pace. You can be assured that your child will be supported in establishing acceptable social behavior, good manners, and healthy eating habits, be engaged in educational activities and best of all, have FUN!

  • We have an open door policy, and we encourageparents to view our schools Facebook page often to view special events, visitors and photos
  • We strive to implement programs designed by Early Childhood Educators, Montessori and Ontario Certified Teachers who ensure our child-centered curriculum is aligned with the expectations of the Ministry of Education to better prepare children for educational and workplace challenges they will encounter as they grow to be productive members within our communities.
  • Provide opportunities for staff to receive on-going training to work with children at the various stages of development; this includes training in CPR and First Aid.
  • We promote bilingualism in everyday conversation and implement activities in both English and French
  • We emphasize Music and Art in our daily routines.
  • We carefully select natural, non-toxic furniture and products that support creative and imaginative play.
  • Encourage staff to maintain a high level of professionalism based on our Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.

Within this package you will receive additional information on the procedures and expectations that need to be outlined and implemented for us to maintain a positive working relationship with each other.

Program Statement

At Mount Pleasant Montessori, we believe that education is the foundation for life. The education that a child receives at an early age is one of the most important factors that will determine his or her future. The impact of early education is felt throughout a person’s life. A student’s school experience must be both positive and fulfilling.
We strive to provide and maintain a childcare environment that is inclusive, warm, safe, and developmentally appropriate. We recognize that the needs of the child come first. As a result, our facility is designed to offer the necessary stimulation to educate the whole child and to encourage exploration while offering a space that is peaceful enough for your child to quietly focus on his or her work.

Mount Pleasant Montessori’s educational philosophy is based on educating the “whole child”. Teaching a student structure, discipline, good work habits, time management, practical life and social skills are as important as academics. We believe that building self-confidence, independence and motivation will give a person the ability to attempt new things, to be a leader and to always put forth their best effort.

Emphasis is placed on the Montessori method and play-based learning. With highly trained MACTE certified teachers as well as the highest quality in Montessori and play based materials. We nourish our children’s social, physical, cognitive and emotional development by giving them an opportunity to engage in experiences that are enriching, exciting, and fun.

We provide regular daily opportunities for children to be physically active and explore the world around them and provide safe and stimulating outdoor spaces for active play. Our teachers recognize and support children’s developing self-regulation abilities and design environments that are attuned to children’s varied sensitivities.


Our program promotes the love of learning through exploration for children who are 0-6 years old. Teachers are responsible for posting weekly activities and outlining curriculum objectives.
All program plans align with the following categories:Language and Numeracy Skills,Imaginary Play, Science, Art and Sensory, Fine and Gross Motor


Our Montessori programming is a series of activities that require sequential, manipulative and sensorial development and practice. Ultimately, these exercises bridge the gap between concrete and abstract learning broken down into 5 main areas:Practical Life * Sensorial * Language* Math* Cultural


We provide a learning environment that is comfortable and invites children to take advantage of their full potential to embrace a second language. Children enrolled in our programs are introduced to French daily through play, and teacher initiated activities. The Founders and Directors in our centre have personal experiences with their own children learning multiple languages, and feel it is a gift that a parent can give to their child to better prepare them for success in education and future employment. Children of all language backgrounds are welcome!
The French program emphasizes vocabulary to ensure its comprehension from preschool and progresses on with the children according to their capability. The French program explores: Words, games, numbers, stories, songs and drama.


Computer technology plays a major role in our learning environment. Children are taught to navigate modern education tools such as tablets to learn and demonstrate their knowledge of new concepts.


The Day Nursery Act requires children to be outside for up to 2 one-hour periods each day, weather permitting. During that time teachers encourage children to engage in teacher-lead activities or free-play that promote the development of motor and social skills as well as body awareness. We also invite instructors to engage students in yoga and sports activities indoors, throughout the year.


In accordance with the expectations of the Childcare and Early Years Act every child will be encouraged to nap daily. Children who do not choose to nap will have the option of playing quietly. We ask that parents encourage this routine as children thrive on consistency.


We provide assistance to you and your child in making this transition an easier one. All classrooms include a washroom that is easily accessible and built with child-sized fixtures.


Princess Pea Catering provides all of our hot lunches. We also place great effort in providing substitutions for children with allergies, who are vegetarian and who have other food restrictions. Nuts, of any kind, are not permitted and we ask that parents indicate on the registration form any other allergies or medical concerns to help us promote a safe environment. Due to life-threatening food allergies some children may have in our centre, we ask that parents do not bring treats from home for their child to share with staff or other children.

Meals are served at:8:45am-breakfast/11: 30am-lunch/3:15pm-afternoon snack

  • Listed above are approximate timesin which meals are served
  • If a special diet is required that we are not able to accommodate such as diary/gluten free, then you are expected to provide the necessary amount of food needed to last throughout each day.
  • Parent(s) must provide alternatives to dairy milk and formula allergies (i.e. soya/almond/rice milk)


If your child develops any allergies of any kind, please notify the teachers/office immediately. All allergies must be listed in the children’s enrolment forms and in the office in writing.



If your child is unable to come to school or will be late for any reason, please advise the school accordingly.


If your child is absent for more than 2 days without notification, one of our staff members will call home to inquire about the reason for absence. If your child is absent as a result of personal or family illness, or a death in the family, you are still required to pay for their weekly fees. Your fees are for your child’s spot in the daycare, not actual attendance.
We adhere to the recommendations of the Region of Peel Public Health on identifying and excluding children who display signs of illness. A staff member will call parents or emergency contact to inform if your child needs to be picked up as a result of illness or to avoid the spread of germs. At that time, a brief note on the reason for staff to exclude your child from the centre will be written in our daily reports and your child will be expected to remain at home until symptoms subside and are not contagious for a minimum of 24 hours.
At times, staff may ask for multiple opinions on doctor referrals to reintegrate child into our centre. However, if an administrator feels strongly that your child should stay home that decision is final.
Please do not send your child to daycare if the following symptom(s) are displayed:

  • ear infections
  • head lice
  • runny nose (yellow or green discharge)
  • weepy or pink eyes (eye infections are highly contagious)
  • vomiting and or diarrhea
  • fever of 100 degrees or more
  • a persistent cough
  • chickenpox, unexplained rash

*Keep in mind that babies often have symptoms that they cannot communicate and we can’t see, use your best personal judgment when deciding to bring your child to daycare when he/she is not well.


A MEDICATION PERMISSION FORM must be completed the day your child requires medication. The following procedures must also be followed:

  • Medication will be given if it is provided in its original container or packaged as supplied by a pharmacist.
  • Must be labeled with the child’s name, date of purchase and instructions regarding dosage and method of administration are clearly written for childcare provider’s to follow.
  • Written authorization for each drug and medication must be accompanied by a schedule indicating when treatment must be given.
  • Parents must administer antibiotics first at home, before being administered at daycare (in case of any allergic reaction).
  • Outdated medications will not be administered.
  • Medicine will be kept in a locked box within the classroom or kitchen fridge.
  • In extreme emergency situations due to illness or an accident, paramedics will be called for aid; any expenses incurred will be the sole responsibility of the child’s parents.


  • Diapers/pull-ups
  • Wipes
  • 2 extra sets of clothing
  • Clothing appropriate for the weather (no umbrellas, flip flops, sunglasses or scarves)
  • Indoor shoes (no open-toed shoes, sandals)
  • A special toy, blanket, pacifier to help child feel at ease (infants only)
  • Personal Blanket
  • Backpack or bag to store personal items
  • All personal belongings must be labeled clearly with child’s first and last name.


School hours are Monday to Friday 7:00 am – 6:00 pm
*Extended Hours, requested in advance, for 6:30am-6: 30pm are offered for an additional charge of $10/each additional half hour.
$1.00/minute charged for late pick-up (after 6:00pm). We refer to the clock mounted in the closing classroom to determine the exact time of arrival. You will be asked to sign the attendance to confirm the time and to indicate a preferred method of payment for the late fee.


We are closed on all of the following Civic/Stat Holidays, however weekly rates will remain the same:

  • New Year’s Eve (Early closing@ 12:00pm.)
  • New Year’s Day
  • Family Day/February
  • Good Friday
  • Easter Monday
  • Victoria Day
  • Canada day
  • Summer Civic Holiday
  • Labour Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Eve (Early closing@ 12:00pm)
  • Christmas Day
  • Boxing Day

Weather: During Extreme weather conditions causing local schools and public facilities to close, we will also close our centre. Tuition fees still apply.


Mount Pleasant Montessori is in compliance with Building and Code, Fire Code and Health Protection Standards. A fire drill procedure is practiced with all the students on a monthly basis in case of an emergency evacuation.
*Designated Emergency Shelter: James Potter Public School. 9775 Creditview, Brampton, L6X-0H2 Telephone: 905-595-1495


All preschool students are to wear the school’s uniform. The school uniform identifies them with the school and enhances their sense of belonging.


Toys may not be brought to school unless with the teacher’s permission, to avoid being misplaced, misused or broken


If you would like your child to celebrate his/her birthday in the classroom, please let the teachers know well in advance. Parents may bring in their own birthday cake/treats (along with disposable plates and cutlery) to share with the class. Please note that all cakes/treats must indicate being peanut/nut free. “May contain” products are NOT acceptable.


We welcome students and volunteers! This policy for the supervision of volunteers and placement students is in place to help support the safety and well being of children attending the centre.
Requirements under The Child Care and Early Years Act, 2014 provides that every operator shall ensure that every child who is in attendance in a day nursery is supervised by an adult at all times.
Policy for Supervision of Students and Volunteers

  • An employee of the centre supervises all students and volunteers at all times.
  • No child will be supervised by a person under 18 years of age.
  • Placement students are not counted in the staffing ratios of the centre.
  • Volunteers are not counted in staffing ratios of the centre

Procedures under the CCEYA Applicable to Volunteers and Students
Volunteers and students will meet the following Child Care and Early Years Act requirements;

  • All policies and procedures will be reviewed with and signed off by volunteers and students who will be providing care or guidance at the centre before they begin and at least annually afterwards;
  • The individual plan(s) for a child with anaphylaxis and training in the appropriate emergency procedures will be provided and signed off by volunteers and students who will be providing care or guidance at the centre before they begin and at least annually afterwards;
  • The supervision policy for volunteers and students will be reviewed and signed with volunteers and students who will be providing care or guidance at the centre before they begin and at least annually afterwards;
  • Criminal reference checks are required for all volunteers having direct contact with children in the centre.

1. The Ministry criminal reference check policy does not apply to students placed in child care programs by an educational institution; however criminal reference checks are routinely required by community colleges and universities prior to students beginning a placement in child care and should be required as a policy by a child care centre.

An orientation will be provided to help volunteers and students understand the operation of the childcare program and the expectations for their placement/volunteer experience which will include:

  • A tour and orientation to the centre both indoors as well as the playground area
  • A review of the emergency evacuation procedures
  • A review of the centres Policy and Procedures manual
  • A discussion regarding the needs of individual children (e.g. special needs, allergies etc.)
  • A review of the centres parent handbook
  • An orientation to the Childcare and Early Years Act, 2014 (website)

Prohibited Practices

Everyone – staff, volunteers and parents – are expected to comply with Mount Pleasant Montessori School’s stated policies and procedures and the requirements of the Child Care and Early Years Act avoid the following prohibited practices:

  • Corporal punishment of the child (i.e. spanking, hitting, shaking, pulling, grabbing with aggression, etc.)
  • Deliberate use of harsh or degrading measures on the child that would humiliate the child or undermine his or her self-respect (i.e. shouting, yelling, sarcasm, put downs,
    Force feeding etc.)
  • Depriving the child of basic needs including food, shelter, clothing or bedding
  • Locking the exits of the child care centre for the purpose of confining the child;
  • Using a locked or lockable room or structure to confine the child.

The above-prohibited practices apply to interactions between staff, students, volunteers and parents as well. Disrespectful or aggressive behaviour (such as yelling, hitting, etc.) towards staff, students, volunteers or parents shall not be permitted by anyone on the premises of Mount Pleasant Montessori. Failure to comply with any or all of these policies may result in measures that include verbal and/or written warnings and in severe cases dismissal from employment and activities related to Mount Pleasant Montessori.


Please inform our staff of any family or behavioral concerns. Our teachers will make every effort to make necessary accommodations for your child’s needs, however we reserve the right to immediately withdraw your child from our program should their behavior to cause harm to themselves, other children in our care, staff or property without refunding weekly tuitions or deposit. A child may also be withdrawn as a result of a parent not paying tuition fees or displaying behavior deemed to be threatening to the atmosphere and moral tone of our centre. If a parent decides to de-enroll a child for any reason registration fees, neither monthly tuitions, nor security deposits are refundable.



  • One time advanced Deposit (applied as a credit towards the last monthlyfee providing 1 month written notice is provided)
  • Childcare Registration Fee ——————————————————$100.00/per child, non-refundable
  • Extended Care Rates ————————$10/every additional 30 minutes (must be paid for in advance)
  • Late Pick-up Fees ———————–$1.00/per minute after 6:00pm or announced early Holiday closure.
  • Late Payment (tuition) ——————————————————$5.00/day (after a 5 days grace period)
  • NSF Cheques/Automatic Withdrawals ——————————–$45.00 plus any additional fees incurred
  • We reserve the right to discontinue accepting cheques from clients who have a history of providing payments that do not clear as a result of insufficient funds.
  • We reserve the right to use reserved deposit towards any late fees and/or penalties that arise during your child’s enrolment with us.
  • Preschoolers’ wear uniform for an additional charge. Refer to Uniform Policy.
  • Tuition Rates may be adjusted annually with 30 days notice. Annual adjustments in rates reflect increases in operating costs. Please refer to our fee schedule. All fees are set by the Mount Pleasant Montessori Board of Directors and are non-negotiable. Commitment fees/Deposit payments and tuition fees are non-refundable.


Tax Receipts are provided for all clients via pick up or mail once/year.


Upon enrollment, there is a non-refundable registration fee per child. Registration fees are listed on the fee schedule and vary depending on the program your child is enrolled.


A customer deposit equal to one month of the regular monthly fees per child must be paid in advance and is held in a non-interest bearing account until written notice of withdrawal has been received. Your customer deposit will be adjusted accordingly whenever a significant increase has occurred with your child’s monthly childcare schedule. This customer deposit will be credited towards your account once sufficient notice has been received. One month’s notice, in writing, at the 1st of the month is required when withdrawing from the childcare centre.
In the event that a family, whose space is being held or has pre-enrolled, must withdraw from the childcare program before their scheduled start date, one month’s notice in writing on the 1st of the month prior to the child’s scheduled start date is required. Upon receiving the termination notice, the customer deposit will not be refunded.


Fees are calculated on a monthly basis and will be the same for the entire calendar year unless a fee increase has been approved by the Board and communicated to parents 30 days before it takes effect or there is a change to your child’s schedule (for example: your child’s category of care changes, your child’s schedule changes from full-time to part-time or part-time to full time care). One month’s written notice, at the 1st of the month prior to any requested schedule change is required (for example: if your schedule change will take effect in June, your change must be given to the centre in writing on or before the 1st day of May). All schedule changes will take effect the 1st of each month.
Please see your Centre Supervisor for the most up-to-date fee schedule.


Mount Pleasant Montessori does not issue credits for sick days, vacation days, or any unexpected centre closures. Some examples could include but are not limited to snow days, black out days, all natural disasters, acts of terrorism, etc.


Mount Pleasant Montessori offers a discount for families who have two or more children enrolled. The discount (10%) is applied to the oldest child enrolled at Mount Pleasant Montessori. Because of the nature of the programs, no discount is available for children enrolled in the Infant, Before School, After School, or Summer Camper programs.



If paying by post-dated cheque you must submit post-dated cheques in three blocks:
January 1: for all payments due between January and June
July 1: for all payments due in July and August
September 1: for all payments due between September and December 
Those who choose to pay by post-dated cheque may choose one of the following payment plans

  • Monthly Payment Plan: Your full payment is to be paid on the 1st of each month
  • Semi-monthly Payment Plan: Two payments may be made, one on the 1st and one 
on the 15th of the month, each representing one half of the monthly fees owing.


We require one month’s notice to set up new pre-authorized debit (also referred to as “PAD”) method of payment.
If pre-authorized debit is chosen, your monthly child care fees will be split into two equal payments with the first payment being withdrawn on the 1st of the month and the second payment withdrawn on the 15th of the month from a valid bank account using a pre- authorized debit/credit system. A pre-authorized debit registration form, along with a void cheque will be required upon registration.
If either the 1st or the 15th falls on a weekend or banking holiday, the pre-authorized debit will be made on the next business day following the due date.


In order to ensure the safety of the staff that is required to handle cash payments and to minimize the risk of theft, payments by cash certified cheque or money order will only be accepted if required by Mount Pleasant Montessori due to previous payment issues.
If paying by this method, parents are required to hand payments directly to the Supervisor or Assistant Supervisor.


The above payment plans do not apply to the Summer Camper program. Fees for this program must be submitted by cheque at the time of enrolment and cheques must be dated for the Monday of the week(s) to be attended. If you wish to write one cheque for multiple weeks it must be dated no later than the Monday of the first week you have registered for.
Since space is limited for the Summer Camper program, refunds will not be considered regardless of our ability to fill your spot or not.


Any adjustment required to your account (such as for extra PA days) will be billed in addition to the regular weekly tuition.


A $45 service charge will be levied on all dishonored cheques (e.g., NSF, authorized funds not cleared, etc.) and must be paid with the dishonored payment within one week of the date on the notice in order to maintain your child care space. After a 2nd dishonored cheque within a 12-month period, the account holder will be required to make cash payments for a 6-month period.
Dishonored pre-authorized debit withdrawals will be re-presented to the bank for payment, in the original amount, three business days following the original withdrawal. A service charge of $45 will be invoiced separately and is payable by cash, certified cheque or money order. If the re-presented payment is also dishonored, another $50 service charge will be invoiced and further collection efforts will commence.
Mount Pleasant Montessori reserves all rights to cancel services immediately if payment is not met on a timely manner. A three-day grace period will be given followed by a letter of cancelled services if payment is not received in on time. Daily late fee charges of $10/day will apply.
These service charges will be adjusted, from time to time, as bank charges change. Families will be given 30 days notice of this change.


Mount Pleasant Montessori has a late fee of $1.00 per minute after closing (6pm). Receipts are not issued for late fees. Although a friend or relative may have picked up the child, the parent/guardian who signs this agreement is responsible to pay outstanding late fees incurred by individuals listed on your child’s pre-authorized pick up list.

Regardless of which method of payment and payment plan you choose, all monthly fees must be submitted to the centre by the 1st of each month, (or 1st and 15th) of each month.

Failure to provide payment on time will commence Mount Peasant Montessori collection efforts, including the use of an external collection agency.


This section of the policy does not apply to the Infant, Toddler, Full Day Preschool, and Half Day Preschool programs as these programs are offered throughout the entire year and are priced accordingly.
Before School and/or After School programs as of June 1st of the calendar year have the following options with respect to care during the months of July and August:

  1. Parents can choose to enroll their child in the Summer Camper program offered during the months of July and August. The Summer Camper program is based on a weekly schedule during the summer months. A weekly charge is applicable regardless of any time off during that week. Enrolment in the Summer Camper program is held in the early spring of each year and is conducted separately from that of other regular programs. Fees are due upon enrolment. Space is limited and enrolment is on a first come first serve basis.
  2. Parents can choose not to enroll their child in the Summer Camper program. If parents pre-enroll their child in the Before School or After School programs for the following September by June 1st at the very latest then their customer deposit will be retained and their space in September will be guaranteed. If parents do not pre-enroll their child in the Before School or After School programs for the following September by June 1st this will be treated as a standard withdrawal of childcare and will require one month’s written notice, at the 1st of the month.


This policy is to ensure the prompt and efficient payment process for your childcare fees. Payment in full must be received on the 1st (or 1st and 15th) of each month.
Mount Pleasant Montessori Services, at any given time, has the right to terminate space due to childcare fees being in arrears.


If circumstances make it necessary to withdraw your child from the centre for any reason, one month’s notice in writing is required by the 1st of the month. For example, if you wish to withdraw your child as of March 15th then written notice dated no later than February 1st is required. Parents are still required to pay the full monthly fees for the month in which their childcare is terminated.
Your customer deposit will be credited to your account and any necessary adjustments will be made. Centre supervisors will provide each family withdrawing from the centre a statement of their account. Payment must be made on any outstanding fees before the last day of attendance. Any outstanding accounts, after this day, will be subject to further collection efforts that can include the involvement of an external collection agency.
The Board of Directors reserves the right to make additions or changes to these policies at their discretion. Notice of 30 days will be given informing parents of any changes.

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